Short Term Rentals


Accommodation Windsor Limited provides quality properties in Windsor and Eton, Berkshire UK.  We let our properties on a short term rental basis from as little as one week, with an all-inclusive weekly price.  We have a variety of properties from studios to large houses to suit all budgets and styles, all conveniently located within walking distance to Windsor & Eton town centres and trains.  A number of  properties are newly-built offering clean lines and the convenience of modern build and facilities, but we also have a few older more characterful and quirky-styled properties – have a look at all properties available for short-term lets on our website:-

Renting and  property is our passion.  We own a few of the properties that we rent and we sublet others from private landlords.  We then manage the maintenance, cleaning, laundry, bookings and check-ins on all of our properties preferring to be hands-on rather than use 3rd party agents.

In Windsor & Eton rents are fairly high due mainly (we think) to the Royal connection.  This combined with a vibrant restaurant, cafe-bar and nightclub scene, fabulous shopping and close proximity to London and Slough’s industrial heart make the area a prime place to invest.   Returns for investors in Windsor can usually be far higher than standard rentals – this depends a lot on the type of property you buy and it’s location.  For advice on choosing the right property for short term rentals in Windsor or Eton please do contact us.

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